Parent Info from the last meeting

This is a brief writeup of what was said to the parents present last week.

The leaders speaking to the parents were Matt (Unit Leader), Carole (Acting Assistant County Commissioner International) and Jack (UK Contingent Management Team)


Matt had a sample kit list – the children need to start thinking about what they need. There was some discussion over walking sandals and lightweight trainers. Max bag weight is 20KG and all kit has to fit in it! Please remember things can get damaged/lost etc so designer probably isn’t best.


Going there on Friday evening, participants can use their own Oyster cards if they wish (cost of camp adjusted). We’ll be ‘getting lost’, visiting a temple and going to a Japanese supermarket! Staying in Barnet Borough Scout District (NW7 1P)


Spending money of between £150 and £400 in yen and on a card of some sort would be appropriate. There are cash machines on site, and Yen is available in the UK. Tokyo is expensive, so expect to spend a lot early on. Passports to be carried 24/7


We still don’t know. There are issues getting us buses from Japanese airports inwards. We’ll be meeting the night before in the UK so that we can check participants have all the necessary! (Woodhouse Park, Avon)

Contact in Japan:

Every YP will have a wristband of emergency numbers permanently. There was some concern raised by leaders that the abundance of Wifi might bypass the official communication methods (via our Home Contact), but apparently most of the participants don’t contact their parents while away from home!


There is no unit wide plan to visit Mount Fuji while on HoHo, but its likely the families may go on a visit. We’re still waiting for our contact in Japan.


Temperature at night does dip towards 20. Day passes to the site can be bought for day visitors.


Day bag modelled by the glamorous Rish and the wheely hold all modelled by the stunning blue chair….


The names you’ve been waiting for! These have now been announced in both counties (caveat that there was a slight alteration after Cornwall).

Patrol 1:

  • Rhiannon
  • Ella
  • Mary
  • Taine
  • Cyrus
  • Bryn
  • Marlin
  • Harry
  • Ned
  • Matt

Patrol 2

  • Rachel J
  • Joe H
  • Erin
  • Annielle
  • Hannah
  • Sophie
  • Ester
  • Josh M
  • Josh W
  • Geoff

Patrol 3

  • Rory
  • Jacob
  • Sam
  • Henry
  • Ben
  • Lucy
  • Frasier
  • Guy
  • Emma
  • Rish

Patrol 4

  • Joe A
  • Amy
  • Juliette
  • Joe J
  • Anthony
  • George
  • Sarah
  • Rachel A
  • Rosie
  • Andy

Patrols names – up to you. They have to be the punchline to a really bad joke! E.G Name = “Ouch”  Joke =  “A man walks in to a bar”. PLs are the first name, APLs the second.

Patrols may wish to set up their own form of communication, and we need names by next meeting.

Patrol badge

Patrol badge


Cranham. 4 Degrees, not 40!

Last weekend the Woolly Pirates gathered in Cranham for their latest training camp.

Arriving in the dark, the first job was setting up camp. We were pitched in close proximity to get used to the space in Japan, and were soon joined by the intrepid Cornish. Once the fire was going we gathered round to break the bad news..

Wake up time – 5am

While in Japan, we’ll be getting up early to avoid the heat and get to activities. After breakfast, we walked to watch the sunrise at the top of Cooper’s Hill – which almost made it worthwhile!

After walking back (lots of walking on site) we decamped to the village hall to discuss rules (see our Code of Conduct), relationships and Hiroshima (more in another post).

We were joined for lunch by members of the IST and Alan Haywood, a unit leader to the 1971 Japanese Jamboree who spoke to us about the culture and what to expect. Lunch was actually taken from the 16th Nippon Jamboree in 2013.

Dinner was rather more in keeping with the weather, a beef stew. Then back to Japan for a favourite past time of Karaoke before rounding off the evening around a camp fire.

Sunday saw a lie in (comparatively) before splitting into teams to strike camp, build a fence and bury a drainage pipe – along with a time capsule. Why will google know who you are in 30 years? Will you have made a difference?

If anyone has any pictures or videos, please get them to me!

Gift update

If you’re struggling with ideas for gifts, I’ve tracked down what Matt said he found online:

Low unit price, light weight, and ideally British/Gloucestershireish

The act of giving and receiving the gift is more important than the actual object, so don’t push the boat out!


Fundraising update

Well done to everyone – we’re getting there!

A couple of key points.

1) Remember you don’t have to stop at £3000. The camps in February and April will cost up to £150 which can be fundraised.

2) As people are getting close to targets, if anyone does organise a fundraising event please let everyone know – likewise if you had a good idea that worked well please let the leaders know so we can pass it on both for this Jamboree and the next one.

3) The details for the revised firewalk will be out soon, currently looking at late April or early May.

January Unit Meeting

It was great to see so many of you on Monday, but for the few who were unable to make it and the rest of you who may have forgotten, here’s what we did and what we need you to do!


In Japan everyone will have a peg, much like this one

Clothes peg


which is to allow us to see if you are ‘in’ or ‘out’ on our peg board. Those of you at the meeting were all given a peg, if you weren’t please let me know if you need me to get you one or if you can find one yourself. Each peg has to remain roughly that size( you have to bring it to Japan!) but we want you to personalise it – we just need to be able to quick know its yours (so name or initials please!) Matt has a prize for the best decorated peg at the next meeting, and we expect you to bring it with you to all future events.


Silly games:

There were some silly team building games – congratulations to the teams who resisted being poked while supporting each other and to team 2, the overall winners!


In Japan we’re expected to have a Unit performance (think camp fire song). As a unit you have until Saturday lunchtime of the February camp to chose and practice what you want to do, with ‘Heads, shoulders knees and toes’ being the back up if you can’t….


The gift giving culture in Japan is huge. We would like you to think of a small gift you could have as an individual to give to someone – up to around 50. As an example, Matt has found disposable cutlery sets with the union flag on, and Rish is taking paracord to make woggles in the UK colours. We’d also like any ideas you have for full unit gifts, either to give to someone like a tour guide or to share with a visiting unit.

Business cards:

The Japanese love business cards – even the Cubs have them! Design one to take with you. Think carefully about what information you want to put on it – do you want to set up a special Jamboree email to keep any contacts separate from your main email address?


We opened the first of the two letters we wrote at our first Unit meeting in Prestbury, and some people who weren’t there wrote their 8th day letter. If you have not written a letter to yourself, come and see one of us at the next meeting.

Anonymous Q+A:

Something we’ll do again, an anonymous forum to ask questions, verbalise worries or just share something inspiring.

Those who are upset are living in the past, those who are anxious are living in the future. Those who are at peace are living in the present


See the next post


We’re looking forward to seeing those Chopstick photos – send them to me and also Twitter and Facebook!

Wishing you and your families a very merry Christmas :)

Matt, Rish and Geoff

Christmas Meeting – December 13th

5PM, Kibou Sushi
( 18 Regent Street, GL51 1HE)

The cost will be £15 – please either bring a cheque, cash, or tell us
to subtract it from your banked money as trying to food is very much
part of the training for the trip.

Cheltenham will be VERY busy – if possible I suggest using public
transport to get to the restaurant, with the 51, 61, 94 and 10 buses
(Cirencester, Stroud and Gloucester x2) stopping just around the
corner, and the 41 (Tewkesbury) a 5 minute walk.

We’ll finish by 7.30pm and can be met at the Rodney Road car park
here. Please bear in mind that any time between the meal and the pick
up will be scavenger hunt around the town, so please plan accordingly
with regards to wet weather gear and jumpers etc (Unit polo shirts for
the meal would be nice though :) ).(,-2.075725/@51.8982399,-2.0754315,18z

If there are any last minute queries please email us and text Matt to ensure it gets seen.

If you did NOT say you were coming on the original poll but now are,
please email back so we can make sure enough seats are there!

Matt,  Rish and Geoff