Tokyo ideas

Post your Tokyo ideas here:

You can add notes to bubbles (see the Museums->Sumo?) bubble


Next week I’ll add another one so you can tell us your groupings and where you’re actually going.

Tent allocations!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Juliet Mary Emma Esther Rory Bryn Harry Josh Fraiser
Hannah Lucy Ella Erin Ben Joe Ned Josh Jacob
Sophie Rachal A Riannon Rachel J Ant Marlin Henry Guy Cyrus
Sarah Rosie Amy Annalie Joe George Joe H Taine Sam

Badges to take to Japan

This form is for unit members only (sorry!). IF you would like to order some red unit badges to take to Japan as swaps, please fill out this form by lunchtime on the 22nd of June

May Update

Info from the meeting on 26th May


Patrols will be self sufficient in Tokyo – we’re being provided with both travel cards (like Oyster) and cash for lunch/dinner.

Skytree and Earthquake centre are being done as a Unit – one of the very few units to get both as a unit!

Staying at the National Youth Centre – unknown room allocations at the moment.


Not much to update, but this is a sample program for a UK unit for HoHo arrival:

  • Welcome the arriving UK Unit at the airport.
  • Take the Unit by a chartered bus from airport to City Public Hall (sandwiches to be catered on the bus just in case your Unit has not enough time to take a lunch due to busy and time-consuming arrival procedures in Japan. If needed, let us know, please )
  • UK Unit enters the hall ( English song Land of Hope and Glory cd played )
  • Flag ceremony ( UK, Japanese national flags. National anthems cd played )
  • Welcome speeches by Prefectural Council representative, and a scout (English interpretation )
  • Speeches by UK Unit scoutmaster and a scout ( Scripts are needed by our side for English-Japanese interpretation in advance, please )
  • An exchange of memento between UK Council and our Prefectural Scout Council
  • Unit members meet hosting families ( Self-introduction, exchange of mementos, pamphlets )
  • Refreshments
  • Entertainment performances such as Ryukyu dances, karate martial arts, etc )
  • Performances by UK Unit ( please have some ) in return
  • Picture taking of all members attending
  • Some instructions
  • Closing of welcome reception and Unit members taken by hosting families to stay home

Camp itself

We’re on the Northern Hub, Chokai subcamp

Sub camps are 50 units, 200 per Hub. Around 6 UK units per subcamp.

Lots of toilets, both communal and cubicle showers, wifi points around (strength unknown)


You’ve had the policy emailed, any questions should be directed to Unity.

Money Matters

Japan is a cash based society still. We’re advised to take cash to HoHo as ATMs may be unknown.

There are ATMs on site.

The UKC has plans for emergency support of units across the globe if needed.


All participants will be issued with a wristband (on the plane) with emergency contact details (Skype/phone)

If you need to contact us, or we contact you we follow this process:

You <–> Unit Home Contact <–> UK Home Contact <–> UK Operations Centre <–> Us

In just over 50 days Scouts from Gloucestershire will be heading for the World Scout Jamboree in Japan

Across the planet Scouts, from nearly every country and territory, are busy preparing for their trip to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree. Amongst them are 27 Scouts from Gloucestershire who have spent over 15 months planning, raising funds and training to take part in the greatest adventure of their lifetime, the World Scout Jamboree which takes place this summer in Japan.

With now just a few weeks to go the excitement is building. Scout leader Matt from the Woolly Pirates Unit said “Preparing for this World Scout Jamboree has been a true journey. There has been a lot planning and hard work. We have had several training camps and fundraisers where the young people from all over the county have joined together to become a comprehensive team. Already they have discovered new friends and have shared new experiences. The anticipation is growing and when we get to Japan I just know it will be 100 times better. I’ve done some pretty fantastic things with Scouts since I became a volunteer but this tops the lot.”

Chief Scout, Bear Grylls said: “While lots of people know that Scouting is all about adventure, they often don’t realise that adult volunteers get to do just as much as our young members through their involvement. The World Scout Jamboree is a great example of this. Over the course of the Jamboree Scouts will be able to meet people from around the world, take part in amazing adventures and experiences and be challenged to think about global issues in a new light. That is why Scouting is one of the greatest youth movement on earth and why I am so proud to be part of it.”

Between the opening and closing ceremonies, participants will have the opportunity to take part in literally hundreds of activities focused on discovering new cultures, the environment, sustainable development and global development issues. Taking a break from the vibrant main Jamboree site with its 30,000 participants the Gloucestershire group will also take part in a moving visit to the Peace Park in the Centre of Hiroshima. This part of the Jamboree programme will take Scouts in mixed groups from almost every nation on earth to experience the solemn and reflective atmosphere created in the Peace Park.

Explorer Scout Joshua, 14 from Cheltenham said “This is a real opportunity for me to meet other young people from all over the world, to discover things about their culture and traditions and have fun with them. I just can’t wait to get there.” The World Scout Jamboree runs until 8th August. The Scouts from Gloucestershire are then visiting the homes of other Scouts in Shizuoka before returning to the UK.

An exciting week!

There’s lots happening this week!

Today marks 100 days until we fly…keep an eye on the twitter feed and here for more information.

Camp this weekend – keep an eye on the weather forecast. Remember we want to leave at 6pm, and that you need to bring money in envelopes. As we’re in minibuses spaces is tight, so be prepared to have bags on laps (pack light!)

Kit arrives soon – some units already have theirs. All being well, you will need to pick up your kit from a to be confirmed location between 10am and 2pm on Sunday 26th of April. Patrol leaders will be asked to help on the Saturday in preparing this.

See you all soon!

Come fly with me

I am please to inform you that we have received your flight details from the UK office.

It is our intention to share the detail with you in London during our camp; however your parents will want to book holidays and make other arrangements so we felt it is important that we give them a commitment about when we will relieve them of their parental duty!

We would like you and your parents to come to:

Woodhouse Park Scouting centre, Fernhill, Almondsbury, South Gloucestershire BS32 4LX

On 23rd July at 6pm for a send off event and BBQ. We will say goodbye to parents at about 8pm and will be sleeping in the bunk house. From that point we will take full responsibility for you.

We need parent help for this event.  The Woolly Pirates will need sleeping bags and pillows for the night (including Cornwall which we hope Glos parents will lend), but not in Japan; so we need them collected then stored somewhere in Gloucestershire.  Also we would like a couple of parents to ensure that the bunk house is left neat and tidy. We will be leaving very early in the morning and will not be able to clean to the standard Scouting principles demand.

On the 11th August we will arrive back in Gloucestershire at about 02:00 depending on delays, baggage etc. You will receive a text at about 22:30 (10th August) with a progress report which will allow parents to plan their sleepless night.  We will be delivering Scouts to one location: Stroud and Tetbury District Scouts HQ, St Swithun’s Hall, Downton Road, Leonard Stanley, Stonehouse. GL10 3LT

We do have more detailed information and parents are welcome to contact Matthew directly (  if you need specific information; however we would prefer the information reached our sea-going-fluffy-outlaws face to face in London.

Best wishes

Your Jamboree Leaders Matthew, Andy, Geoff and Rish

Other reminders:             

  • Business card designs
  • Plate designs
  • Final fundraising deadline early May

Also… watch Facebook and twitter because your leaders are going to post little cryptic clues about your flights, route and HoHo between now and London

Plane taking off


Parent Info from the last meeting

This is a brief writeup of what was said to the parents present last week.

The leaders speaking to the parents were Matt (Unit Leader), Carole (Acting Assistant County Commissioner International) and Jack (UK Contingent Management Team)


Matt had a sample kit list – the children need to start thinking about what they need. There was some discussion over walking sandals and lightweight trainers. Max bag weight is 20KG and all kit has to fit in it! Please remember things can get damaged/lost etc so designer probably isn’t best.


Going there on Friday evening, participants can use their own Oyster cards if they wish (cost of camp adjusted). We’ll be ‘getting lost’, visiting a temple and going to a Japanese supermarket! Staying in Barnet Borough Scout District (NW7 1P)


Spending money of between £150 and £400 in yen and on a card of some sort would be appropriate. There are cash machines on site, and Yen is available in the UK. Tokyo is expensive, so expect to spend a lot early on. Passports to be carried 24/7


We still don’t know. There are issues getting us buses from Japanese airports inwards. We’ll be meeting the night before in the UK so that we can check participants have all the necessary! (Woodhouse Park, Avon)

Contact in Japan:

Every YP will have a wristband of emergency numbers permanently. There was some concern raised by leaders that the abundance of Wifi might bypass the official communication methods (via our Home Contact), but apparently most of the participants don’t contact their parents while away from home!


There is no unit wide plan to visit Mount Fuji while on HoHo, but its likely the families may go on a visit. We’re still waiting for our contact in Japan.


Temperature at night does dip towards 20. Day passes to the site can be bought for day visitors.


Day bag modelled by the glamorous Rish and the wheely hold all modelled by the stunning blue chair….