Fire walking – Postponed

This event has been postponed – we’ll get a new date out

Firewalking is one of those strange things that lots of us wonder about – people seem to be able to do it without getting burnt. If you have ever watched a firewalking event on TV you know that you always see a large, glowing bed of burning coals. The bed is around 10 feet long and the glowing coals are real. People actually do walk across the red coals in bare feet! How is this possible, and can anyone do it just as easily? Well you are about to find out!

First some assurances: This event is being run by the us as a unit, however the actual firewalk is being organised, managed and run by ‘Blaze firewalking’ who are professional, expert, well practiced and insured! They will give you full training before the event (on the day). It is worth having a look at their website.

On the 22nd of November we are offering you the chance to walk on fire!

We don’t want this event to just be for our Jamboree Scouts – we want everyone to get involved! If you’ve ever thought about supporting Scouting then perhaps this is the event for you. It’s fun, challenging and a great talking point in the office! We’re also keen to get other Scouts involved, so anything raised over £100 can be given to another Scouting cause, such as the Harlem trip.

The big challenge is to walk on fire; the smaller one is to raise some funds! We need you to raise at least £100 of which your nominated participant (or the unit) will receive at least £50. We would advise you to ask your sponsors to pay immediately else you will be face with an even bigger challenge of finding them all again! 20 people need to give you a fiver! Easy.

Please aim to have completed your fundraising as soon as possible, and then send a cheque to Cranham Scouts Council at the address below along with a photocopy of your sponsorship form, or hand it to one of the leaders. You can also use the MyDonate system for online sponsorship – email if you need more information.

The evening itself will be loads of fun, including a hog roast; we will be sending you 5 free entry tickets for you to give to your friends and family. Extras are available.

If you have any questions or would like to put your name down to walk, please email

Thank you in advance for your help

Below is a sample sponsorship form:
Firewalking – Sponsorship


This weekend (18th and 19th of October) is the annual JOTI/JOTA event. This is an international event for Scouts all over the world which takes place on the air waves (Jamboree On The Air) and on the internet (Jamboree On The Internet). While the ‘air’ part requires some specialist kit, the internet part can be done by anyone reading this post! There’s an ‘IRC’ (Internet Relay Chat) section which is text based communication that only requires a web browser.

Loads more information can be found here:
Main site

But if you want to get connected quickly and know a bit about what you’re doing, go here:

This is a simple browser based chat client where you type messages to other people from around the world, in small ‘rooms’. There’s a few simple rules, which are nothing you wouldn’t expect and the rooms are monitored by operators (who have an ‘@’ sign in front of their nick names) who will remove people if needed. (For 1st P/BS – including Matt D!)

You’ll be asked for a JID code periodically – it’s a way to track how many people you’re talking to and where they’re based. I’ve registered on behalf of the unit, and our JID code is:

(If you’re here from 1st Prestbury, the JID code is: 5GB67C)
(If you’re here from Black Sheep, the JID code is: 5GB34F)

Channels you may be interested in, which you can join with the command “/join #channelname”
#English – for chatting in English
#youth – for younger participants generally (1st P Cubs)
#japan2015 – for Jamboree people

Other useful commands:
“/nick NEWNICKNAME” – change how people see your name
“/me DOES AN ACTION” – appears to other users as “1stPrestburyAkela DOES AN ACTION”

If you get any JIDs off people, please make a note and send them in to me! (1st Prestbury – please send to the email address for your section, Black Sheep use FB)

Parents – if you’re helping your cub/scout/explorer with this I’d encourage you to read the website a bit to get a good understanding of the nature of the event – while it should be entirely scouts, it is an internet based event and safety precautions should be taken.

Scouts – Read this and talk to your parents if you have any concerns.

Have fun!

DESC award winners

Congratulations to Henry, Joe and Rachel who were all awarded both the Cheltenham DESC award and were some of the first recipients of the County Commissioner’s Commendation tonight at the District AGM! I also put them all on the spot to do some more Japan in a Box

Cornish Camp, part 1

Day one of camp is well under way now, but already people look tired! An 8am supermarket dash to buy food got us on the bus for an 8.45 start…of course that meant some drumming at 6.30am….

We went down to the Barbican – then turned the wrong way and went round the block. Then we went down to the Barbican, got off the bus and into our final dress rehearsal for dancing later. Once the generator was up and working, we got a few rounds of the ‘traditional’ Japanese dance before heading off around the festival trying to find Sushi and free samples.

At noon we met on the quayside to welcome the Clover back from Japan – 400 years after it originally arrived back. The captain then presented the crowd with gifts from the Shodan, while the Queen’s representative and a Japanese Embassy official presented trees to each other….there’s even a Bramley Apple fan club in Japan!

A quick walk round to the sea front followed, where we saw a boat race and then got to climb the lighthouse. Luckily, nothing got dropped from the top nothing falling landed on anyone. (Many apologies to those it landed near – Geoff)

After safely returning to earth, we headed back for a quick look around the Clover before helping the other unit with their Japanese flash mob -videos to follow. We’re now back at the hut, preparing for the talent show later so stay tuned….